My Home Is Far Away by Dawn Powell is a semi-autobiographical book which I brought home from a library book sale. It turned-out to be another stellar find.

In this story told in the third-person, we find the Willard family of five in rural Ohio in the early 1900’s as they move from one town to another. Mrs. Willard isn’t happy about moving, her three young daughters are excited, and her husband is overjoyed. Thus begins a sad tale of losses, gains, and hardships as seen through the innocent eyes of the middle daughter, Marcia.

I have chosen to tell very little of this story which is similar in many ways to The Dutch House, because it is one which sweeps the reader into its embrace and holds on even after it has ended. I fell in love with the author’s lyrical prose and sincerely hope I will be able to acquire more of her novels. Her writing is just that good! Highly recommended!

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2 Responses to Survival

  1. Martie says:

    As always an interesting reivew. I was thinking about reading this one. To go on my TBR list.

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