Mummy, Mummy, Who’s Got the Mummy?

River God by Wilbur Smith is the first in a series about scrolls written over 4,000 years ago in Egypt by a eunuch named Taita who attended the young Queen Lostris of a much older Pharoh Mamose. Although the author leads you to believe the events are true, and the scrolls real, the story is historical fiction. It is a phenomenal story either way.

In the first novel, we are introduced to Taita who narrates the action in first-person. He is extremely talented and intelligent. He’s also in love with Lostris, the young wife of Pharaoh. She in turn, is in love with Tanus , a mighty warrior in service to her husband, the Pharaoh.

In addition to the love stories, this adventurous tale chronicles an invasion of Egypt by the Hyksos army who are skilled horsemen. Up until this point in time, Egyptians have never known horses existed. Outmatched on the battlefield, the Queen, her child, Tanus, and Taita flee southward along the Nile and live a nomadic life in Africa for many years until such time as they are able to return to Egypt to again battle the Hyksos invaders.

This is a well-written, exciting novel which is followed by a sequel entitled The Seventh Scroll which takes place in modern times when a group of historians studying one of the ancient scrolls endeavor to find the lost tomb of Pharaoh Mamose. The sequel is even more thrilling than the first!

I am happy to be able to label both of these novels “highly recommended”.

I extend sincere gratitude to my fellow reading enthusiasts and wish you all a Happy New Year!

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