Talk to Me by John Kenney is a 2019 novel about a 59-year-old television anchorman named Ted Grayson who, while having a bad day, is caught on video verbally berating a hairdresser on-set. The clip goes viral and heads roll. The story is fast paced and timely providing a grim, yet accurate assessment of the current state of affairs and the power of social media.

After millions of viewers around the world comment, criticize, and condemn, Ted takes stock of his life, values, and as the story opens, jumps out of a plane with no intention of pulling the ripcord on his parachute – a great opening!

I totally enjoyed and appreciated this book. It captured many of my thoughts with regard to the seemingly endless negative dialogues on social media. Oh how the times have changed. I highly recommend this novel!

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4 Responses to Recompense

  1. Martie says:

    I could use some positive reading.

    • dianeledet says:

      I’ve been feeling the same way! I needed a happy ending story! I think you’ll enjoy this quick read.

      • Martie says:

        I did get “Maggie Brown & Others.” I only read, “The Deer” since I’m currently reading another book. But, man it is one of those super short shorts that will stay with me for a long time. I wanted to go jump into that lake, save the animal and the girl’s memory of that scene.

      • dianeledet says:

        Orner’s a master storyteller! I’m delighted you are enjoying his work Martie!

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