The Pioneers by David McCullough is a new release by one of my most admired historian writers. This book is derived from actual accounts originally written by people who were early settlers of the newly acquired purchase of territory bordering the Ohio River. This occurred in the late 18th century.

The diary of the daughter of Ephraim Cutler provides rich first-hand accounts of the many trials and tribulations experienced by her family. The book contains much more than the Cutler family history. McCullough expertly weaves many stories into theirs. Johnny Appleseed, President John Quincy Adams, and Aaron Burr are only a few of the many recognizable figures in the story. There are indigenous Indian tribes included. Before being forced out, it was originally their land which the settlers came to clear and inhabit. Towards the end of the book, the Underground Railroad comes into play.

There is much history to be learned here and unfortunately, it’s not a happy tale for the native people of our country. The author doesn’t take sides, but rather recounts the history of the settlers in the Ohio Territory.

Overall, I enjoyed the latter part of this book. I greatly anticipated its publication, but came away disappointed. I don’t think this is one of McCullough’s finest efforts. Historically, the book has merit. I did acquire knowledge, so I am recommending it to those interested in gaining knowledge of that period of our history.

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