Bombs Away

The Light Over London by Julia Kelly turned-out to be a big disappointment for me. Even though I generally find merit in many World War II themed fiction books, I was kicking myself for following this one all the way until the end.

In this fictional tale, we find the lives of several woman used in contrast and comparison format. One is a divorced young woman named Cara who discovers a hidden diary written by a female stranger during World War II, the other is the stranger Louise, who wrote the diary, and the last is Cara’s grandmother. Like many current works of fiction, the story waivers back and forth in time.

This is one large collection of tragic tales heaped on top of each other and I failed to appreciate it because the main characters where just too pitiful. No amount of my wishes made this novel any better.

Bottom line – I didn’t feel anything for any of the characters no matter how miserable they were or how many poor choices they made. It just didn’t work for me as a whole. The redemption of the characters wasn’t given enough space in the story to change my opinion of the novel. My recommendation is: take a pass on this one.

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