Obsessed Genius

Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson is a new biography based on the great master’s notebooks. Leonardo was a copious note taker so there’s a lot here to digest, but I learned much I never knew about his life and times.

Born out of wedlock, this great man-made quite a name for himself. His obsessions were numerous and his curiosity led him to make discoveries in many disciplines hundreds of years prior to others. The only drawback was Leonardo had a tendency to leave his projects unfinished and never published his findings. Procrastination and perfectionism were not always beneficial for Leonardo.

He was held in high regard for works he did complete, such as The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa, but up until the end of his life in France, he faced frustration because his rich and powerful benefactors never took full advantage of his many talents.

Other than highly recommending this book, I suggest you read the hard copy because it comes with pdf visual aids which enhance the written material. I listened to the audio version and missed a great deal because I was unable to quickly access the photo references.

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2 Responses to Obsessed Genius

  1. Martie says:

    Hubby still in Cardio ICU but stable. Thanks for the heads up on this one. Sounds good. I was lucky enough to see the Mona Lisa in Paris. Amazing experience.

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