Servant of God

A Voice in the Wind (Mark of the Lion #1) by Francine Rivers is another novel my niece Laura recommended. I am grateful because I enjoyed the message and also the historical nature of the book.

This novel takes place in Jerusalem and Rome around seventy years after Christ was crucified. The Romans are at war with the Jews. Countless Jews are slaughtered and many survivors taken prisoner, enslaved, and sent to Rome. One young girl named Hadassah, is purchased by a Roman family and becomes their servant/slave. What the family doesn’t know, is that Hadassah is a Christian.

The second main character is a Germanic prisoner named Atretes, who after suffering defeat in battle with the Romans, is enslaved and sent to Rome to be trained as a gladiator. He is a fierce warrior who is not a Christian.

Throughout the novel we follow the progression of the lives of these two people kept in slavery as well as their captors.

This is a story about faith and redemption unlike any I recall reading in recent years. Be advised it graphically describes acts of violence and sex. The Romans were such barbarians!

The story has many twists I never saw coming. It’s a good versus evil story of high quality. The end blew me away! I recommend this novel and am grateful my niece led me to it.

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