Freedom From Want

Reaching Out by Francisco Jimenez is a moving memoir which chronicles the Mexican born author and his family’s experiences living and working in California after crawling under a barbed wire fence between Mexico and the U.S. This book was published in 2008, but I think its message of hope is timeless.

After migrating, the author and his family worked in extremely low paying migrant farm and janitorial jobs. Eventually, he went to college, and earned his PhD. He became a teacher at the university level. That is quite a success story. It reminded me of my immigrant grandparents who came to this country legally in the early part of the last century. It wasn’t easy for them either. It took hard work, countless sacrifices, desire, and faith to create a better future than the one they left behind.

It is my hope, that one day soon, the illegal immigrant issue in the U.S. will be resolved. I recommend this memoir because it is written by a man whose life became better after overcoming incredible odds against it.

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