Bless the Beasts

Animal Magnetism: My Life With Creatures Great and Small by Rita Mae Brown is an October library book sale find. Ms. Brown has written many books, however, this is the first of hers I have read. She is most definitely an animal lover! She lives on a farm surrounded by many pets.

As a cat owner and former dog owner, I was able to relate to much of the sentiment in this memoir. I was unable to relate to fox hunting which is spoken of at great length, but clearly, the author has a passion for the sport. I wonder how a fox feels about being chased for “sport”?

Some folks are able to connect with animals on a deeper level than most and I believe Ms. Brown is one of those special people. The book is humorous and informative. Many types of animals have populated the author’s life and she writes about many of them. I found this touching. The stories are varied, but the overall theme is about taking care of animals. There are a number of political asides which have to do with government and politics which I could have done without, but Brown was writing from her heart so I understand why she included her opinions on those topics.

If you are an animal owner or love animals, I think you will enjoy this memoir. It made appreciate my own even more!

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