Burnt Sugar

The Late Bloomers’ Club by Louise Miller is a recent novel about a forty-two year-old divorced woman who runs the family diner founded by her late parents in New England. Nora has a younger sister named Kit who, unlike Nora, is a carefree spirit.

When a former neighbor passes away and leaves the sisters her home and surrounding acreage, Kit wants the money the sale of the property which will provide for the film she plans to produce. Nora, the responsible one, thinks of how the sale to a large box store might adversely affect the small town and its inhabitants. There’s also the dead neighbor’s missing dog woven in and out of the story. It served no purpose as far as I was concerned.

I read the author’s previous novel and enjoyed it. This is similar in that food plays a part in the story. The main character is going through difficult times, meets a love interest, and has obstacles to overcome. The end of this novel is warm and fuzzy, but overall, I didn’t feel connected with the characters. It seemed to me that this novel didn’t have as much substance as the previous one. If you’re looking for a light read, I imagine you will enjoy this book. I wish I had enjoyed it more.

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