Off the Radar

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is a gut-wrenching memoir which came to my attention via an article I read in The Writer magazine. The author along with four siblings was raised by an alcoholic father and free-spirited, codependent mother.

Hopping from one place to another, Walls’ parents lived hand to mouth without concern for the welfare of their children. Throughout this heartbreaking autobiography, I couldn’t believe the authorities never caught up with these abusive parents who cared so much for themselves and their beliefs and so little for their children.

Reading about abused children does not make for an easy read. So many things in this biography made me gasp that I almost stopped reading it more than once. I admire Walls for having the courage to tell her story. She survived a tumultuous childhood beyond belief.

If you think you can take it, I recommend this book. It is upsetting at the very least, but masterfully written.

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2 Responses to Off the Radar

  1. Martie says:

    She is such an amazing woman. Did you know the book was made into film?

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