Three’s a Crowd

Tin Man by Sarah Winman is a fictional novel about a man, a woman, and another man embroiled in an unusual relationship.

Ellis loves Michael, Ellis loves Annie, Annie loves Michael, then Ellis marries Annie – at best, it is confusing. That is what I thought while reading this new novel. The first half of the book was lyrical and pretty straightforward, but once Annie entered the plot, I lost my footing and questions I had remained unanswered by the end of the novel.

What is this story about? Bisexuality? HIV? Abandonment? Unconventional relationships? Art? Love? I am confused! The story told in the first-person, flip-flopped around way too much for my liking. The author’s ability to show not tell was admirable, but in order for me to comprehend the novel as a whole, I thought too much was left out. Although the novel may be appreciated by others, I was disappointed.

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1 Response to Three’s a Crowd

  1. alison41 says:

    Om your recommendation I’ll give this one a miss!

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