Child of the Mountains

Sergeant York, An American Hero by David D. Lee has been on my list of books to read for years! Many of you may be familiar with the 1940’s movie based on the life of the highly decorated World War I hero. I have seen it several times and it peaked my curiosity about this man from Tennessee.

Alvin York, entered the war a conscientious objector and left it a hero. This well researched biography does a fine job of chronicling how that came about. It also tells of York’s life after the war and the many tribulations he encountered because of his fame. Poorly educated, but highly dedicated to improving the lives of others in the Appalachian mountains from which he came, York was ill-equipped in areas such as money management and school administration. However, this did not deter him from accomplishing some of his many goals.

This book interested me on many levels. It speaks of much to be considered. If you are a history buff, I think you will appreciate it.

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