The Second Generation

Return to Robinson Island by TJ Hoisington is a fictional book which, as the title implies, is a continuation of the well-known 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson.

This exciting story takes place 15 years after the Robinsons have been living on a remote island in the Indian Ocean after being shipwrecked. As the tale begins, son Ernest is now a member of Her Majesty’s Navy and on his way back to the island to visit his parents and family members who chose to make their life there.

If you have never read the original book, or seen the movie, this new installment includes enough background information allowing newcomers with sufficient context to fill-in the gaps. Illustrations provide helpful visuals as well.

Perils abound in the adventurous story making it exciting and fast paced. There are treasure chests, tyrants, and turnabouts; all of which make for a delightful story.

Thank you TJ Hoisington for creating a fitting sequel to a fine old classic! It was too long in coming!

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