Behind the Lens

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng finally found its way to me. I’ve wanted to read this popular novel for quite some time. Now that I have, I offer the following thoughts on it.

This story begins with the huge hook of a house on fire. That caught my interest! From there, the author drops the smoking house and delves into the past of more people than you can shake a stick at. So many, in such intricate detail that I eventually got bored. I wanted to know who started the fire. I think the quality of the writing and characterization is superb. My chief complaint is that there is too much back story on too many people. The reveal comes at the very end of the novel and by then my interest had waned. There are numerous themes about parenting amid several others. Again, too many distractions.

I heard a movie version of this novel is in the works. I can’t even imagine how all of what is written will be compressed on the big screen. After a spectacular beginning, the end of the story fizzled out like a sparkler doused in water. I am sorry I cannot recommend this novel after going into it with high hopes. I welcome my followers feedback!

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4 Responses to Behind the Lens

  1. Margie Fischer says:

    Though I enjoyed it–with all the buzz– thought it would be better than it was. I enjoyed the back stores, but it took awhile to get there. None of the moms were very admirable. The ending was abrupt. It was just a tiny part of the story, but I roared when the teacher peed.

    • dianeledet says:

      I was hoping you would share your take on this one! Totally disliked Mrs. Manipulator reporter mom. The teacher pants wetting made me laugh big time! Ha! I thought I might have taken too hard a stance on this novel, but I had to go with my gut. Thanks for your valued opinion Old Same!

  2. alison41 says:

    Thanks for your review. I’ve read some of the many reviews and was vaguely looking out for the book in my public library, but now I am going to give it a miss. I live in a city plagued by fires – dry climate and very windy, not to mention the arsonists we have. Usually kids in the poor areas. They light fires to ” see the helicopter come’. We have a service that scoops up mega buckets of seawater and drops on the veldt fires to douse the blaze. So, for me, fires are not a subject I want to read more about when they’re a regular news feature in my life.

    • dianeledet says:

      Alison, your post brought home the reality of living in a drought. Thank you for sharing it. I learned from it and pray relief comes soon. It is snowing here in April! Our poor planet! I didn’t enjoy this story. Don’t think you missed much!

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