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Mrs. Sherlock Holmes by Brad Ricca is a well researched book about a real life female detective named Mrs. Grace Humiston and her incredible story. Solving baffling cases and championing the rights of the underserved earned Grace her well-deserved nickname.

As a Holmes fan, I eagerly added this book to my list when it was released last year. How grateful I am that I did because it is fascinating! Grace was a trailblazer who worked tirelessly during the early 20th century to solve the case of a missing young woman long after the New York police department had labeled the unfortunate victim of foul play a runaway and given up on the case. Hired by the missing girl’s parents, Grace assembled her own team and eventually solved the case while at the same time, exposing graft and corruption in the police department.

This is only one of the many accomplishments highlighted in this informative biographyThere is no doubt Grace was a woman ahead of her time. The book also sheds light on other women with whom Grace interacted who made significant contributions of their own in the male dominated era during which they lived.

If you enjoy crime stories or women’s history, I think you will appreciate this book. I found it enlightening!

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