The Pigeon Tunnel: stories from my life
by John le Carré (David John Moore Cornwall) is an enlightening autobiography written by the well-known author of many popular espionage novels. During a short period in his life, the author was an actual spy which made this book all the more interesting. He rubbed elbows with many well-known dignitaries, actors, and directors. I particularly enjoyed his reminisces of Alec Guinness who happens to be a favorite actor of mine.

Because I saw the movies they became, I began this book with vague knowledge of the author’s work. However, I never read the books from which the movies originated. I was impressed with the caliber of writing in this one and came away with a desire to read his novels. Cornwall has lived an interesting life and overcome obstacles, which in many cases, might have stymied an individual with lessor fortitude and strength. I thoroughly enjoyed this memoir because I learned about the author’s life and much more!

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Professional Writing Consultant, Graduate of DePaul University School for New Learning 2008
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