Good and Evil

Afterlife by Marcus Sakey was a complete departure from the books I normally read. This is a science fiction story which is also being billed as a love story. The jacket cover description sounded interesting so I decided to give it a go.

This is a story about two FBI agents named Claire and Will who live and work in Chicago. Claire is Will’s boss and they are lovers. When they aren’t in bed with each other, they are trying to identify and stop a shooter who is randomly killing people in the city. Then, the story takes a bizzare turn atypical of fantasy novels. In order to not give it all away, let it suffice to say, the turn takes the reader to unknown planes of existence. And that is where this reviewer loses touch with this genre!

This is an interesting plunge into the way some people are able to fantasize and convey those thoughts in words. For me, I think it is creepy, but to each his own. I loved the Lord of the Rings, What Dreams May Come and City of Angels, but this particular novel contained way too much graphic sex and violence for me. I suppose that explains the fact that it is being made into a movie. If you enjoy this genre, have at it. As for me, my dreams tend to be much tamer and even though I tried to like this book, it goes against my grain. As far as I am concerned , stories like this are the stuff of my worst nightmares.

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