Family By Choice

The Story of Arthur Truluv by Elizabeth Berg is a philosophical tale about life. The recent fiction novel centers on a widower named Arthur, his unhappy neighbor Lucille, and a high school loner named Maddy.

During one of Arthur’s daily trips to his late wife’s grave, he encounters Maddy who, bereft of friends, spends her lunch period in the cemetery. Maddy’s mother died in a car accident soon after Maddy’s birth. It was a loss from which Maddy’s father never recovered. Arthur and Maddy become friends and so the story begins.

With well-defined, vivid characters and a huge dose of the meaning of life, this novel is heartwarming and delivers a message of hope. With the exception of some graphic sex scenes I thought were unnecessary, I enjoyed the book and appreciated its acknowledgement that not all families are necessarily the ones we are born into. Many times, we create our own which more closely satisfy the needs of our hearts and souls. This is a book I recommend.

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