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The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman is a relatively new novel by one of my favorite authors.

This story takes place in New York during the turbulent sixties. The main characters are siblings who share a secret. Franny, Jet, and Vincent are descendants of witches. With their heritage come rules and regulations; one of which denies them the freedom to be in love with another person.

So with that fateful noose hanging over their heads, we as readers follow their adolescent and adult trials and tribulations. While doing so, we learn a fair amount of history dating back to the Salem witch trials.

This story kept my interest especially when it spoke of the sixties and the Vietnam War. Those are times familiar to me. My only criticism about this novel is that I felt it strayed too often from one character to another. Yes, there are three main characters, the siblings, but towards the end, of the book I felt like Hoffman took a detour focusing on Vincent and dropped the ball with his sister’s lives. The author picks them up again at the end of the story but I just felt not right about the way it was written.

Still in all, I enjoy Hoffman’s work and appreciate the effort she puts into researching historical events contained in the books I have read of hers. If you’re a Hoffman enthusiast, I believe you will enjoy this latest endeavor into the world of magic.

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