Mom and Apple Pie

The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller is a recent release which is lip-smacking good! I was pleasantly surprised by this inaugural novel written by a Boston pastry chef.

It is the story of a thirty-something pastry chef who finds employment in a Vermont country inn after leaving her job in a restaurant in Boston. Olivia is accomplished in her field, but her love life is another story.

Feeling like a fish out of water, she finds herself seduced by the country life and folk – one man in particular named Martin who wants to leave the dirt of country roads far behind him.

This engaging story is full of believable characters and music, but what I really enjoyed were the vivid descriptions of food! The book ends with a recipe for apple pie. I may give it a try one day! My recommendation for this novel is a comfortable reading spot, a pot of tea, and a warm piece of pastry! Enjoy!


We are offering a copy of this novel to one U.S resident. To enter, please email your name and address to bookwinked at by January 5, 2018. Good luck and Happy New Year!

Congratulations to Laura G. who won a copy of this novel! Thank you to everyone who entered!

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