Just Like Grandma

The Light of Paris by Eleanor Brown is the story of an unhappily married woman named Madeleine who is struggling to redefine her life. Her husband is controlling and when Madeleine runs home to her mother, she finds a collection of her grandmother Margie’s journals in the attic. Reading about her grandmother’s time in Paris many years prior, leads Madeline to fight back for her own independence.

The novel flips back and forth between the two women’s lives and frankly, I didn’t enjoy it. It may be I just couldn’t relate to Madeline’s life. She’s the poor-little-rich-girl who’s complaining because she married someone she didn’t truly love thinking that’s what her parents wanted her to do and now she regrets it. Forgive me for saying it but I didn’t feel sorry for her. I’d like to believe contemporary women in general don’t marry the guy their parents want them to.

I’m probably way off base, but I’m not rich! I stuck with this book hoping it would take a turn for the better but it never did.

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