Fairy Tales

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry by Frederik Backman completes my reading of the author’s work. What a joy it has been!

This story is about a precocious almost eight-year-old girl named Elsa who quotes Wikipedia, is bullied in school, and adores her quirky grandmother. Elsa’s parents are divorced and in new relationships. Her mother is expecting a baby. Elsa’s grandmother lives across the hall and she and Elsa share a secret language and a fairy tale world populated with amazing places and creatures. The building in which they reside has its own cast of characters; one of whom is Britt-Marie who figures prominently in Backman’s following novel.

Before Elsa’s grandmother dies,   she imparts a quest upon her granddaughter in true fairy tale fashion. Elsa is to deliver a series of apology letters to their neighbors and tell them her grandmother says she is sorry.

There are many themes and life lessons in this novel. Much of it is humorous based on Backman’s superb ability to create believable, flawed characters dealing with relatable life problems. I could go on and on about the novel, but as my followers know, I don’t think it’s wise to give away an ending! Backman’s imagination continues to amaze me. I will be singing his praises as I await his future novels. I loved this one!

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4 Responses to Fairy Tales

  1. I read this one after Ove and I didn’t expect it to affect me at the same level as Ove did. Backman has such a gift! Out of all of them, which is your favourite?

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