A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley is the memoir upon which the recent movie Lion was based.

This beautifully touching memoir is about Saroo’s experience as a young boy from a poor family in India and the life-altering consequences which occurred after he became lost while waiting for his older brother in a train station.  After living on the streets of Calcutta and many harrowing experiences, he is eventually adopted by a loving couple in Australia. Many years later, against all odds, Saroo searches for and finds his biological family in India.

This is an eye-opening memoir which made me happy and sad. Happy because Saroo survived the traumatic ordeals in his life and sad because it highlights the need for protective solutions for children at risk around the world. I had a difficult time listening to the story.

As a weird April Fools Day side note, one of the cds I was listening to was incorrectly recorded. The chapters were recorded backwards! Instead of Chapter 5, 6, 7, etc., they were in reverse order 7, ,6, 5… I thought I was losing my mind!

I don’t intend to see the movie. The book was emotionally draining enough. It is well-written and inspirational; a truly miraculous story.

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2 Responses to Lost

  1. alison41 says:

    I recently saw the movie, “Lion” : wow! powerful and unsettling. Never fails to amaze me how some people manage to survive, despite the most desperate circumstances, whilst others crumple and collapse even though their personal circumstances may be fortunate or even excellent. Genetics, or Karma, whichever idea appeals most to you.

    • dianeledet says:

      Thanks for your comment Alison. This true story just blew me away. Karma…the perfect word to describe the trajectory of this man’s life. How very sad conditions are in different parts of the world — especially for the poor. It is heartbreaking.

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