Slight of Hand

61ghvmbz1sl.jpgThe Magician’s Lie by Greer Macallister is an interesting novel about a young girl who leaves home after being mentally and physically abused by a young man who lives and works on the farm where she resides with her mother and step-father. Working her way north from Tennessee, she eventually becomes a female magician.

Some years later while being detained by a small-town policeman for questioning in a murder case, Arden’s story is made known during the lengthy interrogation.

I found some of this story interesting, but in the end, did not like the book overall. The emphasis on the policeman and his life seemed unnecessary and distracting to me. Granted, a female magician in the early 1900’s who is being stalked by a mentally disturbed man is suspenseful. However, I am sorry to say, the book as a whole didn’t work for me.

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