Don’t Touch That Dial

51ljkfpffvl._sy400_.jpgRadio Girls by Sarah-Jane Stratford is a historical fiction novel based on the early days of BBC radio and a key female producer named Hilda Matheson.

In part, this is a mystery novel which is told from the point-of-view of an insecure young woman named Maisie who gains employment as a secretary during the 1920’s at BBC Radio. Thanks to the encouragement of Hilda, Maisie slowly works her way up to a better position and gains courage and a voice she never knew she had. This is also a story about women’s rights and Fascism prior to World War II.

Up until the very end, I enjoyed this book a great deal.  I think the story kind of fizzled out. After reading about the real-life Hilda Matheson, I was surprised the author did not choose to tell the story in her voice. She was quite an interesting person; much more interesting I thought then Maisie who I believe is fictional. Still in all I liked the book and learned something about early radio in England while reading it.

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