The Other Side of the Fence

51sh-ruzl._sy177_.jpg.jpgGlory Over Everything Beyond the Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom is thematically similar to a book I reviewed not long ago about a light-skinned African-American woman passing as white. This excellent book is set in the early eighteen-hundreds prior to the Civil War. The protagonist is a young mulatto male who was raised on a plantation by his white paternal grandmother without knowledge that his birth mother was a slave.

Jamie has been raised as a privileged white male in the big house. As the story begins, we find him running away from the only family he has ever known to Philadelphia where he intends to begin a new life passing as a white male. Being raised by prejudiced whites who owned slaves, his adult life unfolds in ways which force him to acknowledge his parentage and to painfully become aware of the equality of all people regardless of their race and in deference to the beliefs of his kin.

I think this is a fabulous story with an important message. The end of the book was beautifully written and heartfelt. This is another book I highly recommend!

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