The Black Gemstone

51t9jlba2bl._sy400_.jpgHomegoing by Yaa Gyasi is a best-selling epic tale about the descendents of two half-sisters who were born on the Gold Coast in Africa during the days of slave trading. Although Effia and Esi share the same father, they are strangers for their entire lives.

The interesting novel follows the women’s lives as one is sold into slavery while the other remains in Africa. This provides the perfect contrast and comparison scenario. Not only do we learn about the slave trade, we also learn about the history of it in Africa and the U.S. Many generation’s trials and tribulations are portrayed on both continents making this a terrific history of a people victimized by greed, globalization, and the institution of slavery.

I think this is an excellent novel. I particularly like the perspective taken by the author because he explores the many factors which contributed to slavery and the effect it had on generations of lives. The story is unbiased and acknowledges the roles played by white people and Africans. This is an outstanding historical fiction worth reading.

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