51sasochjrl._sy400_.jpgBefore We Visit the Goddess by Chitra Banerjee Divakuruni is a fictional novel about three generations of women. The story begins with the grandmother in Bengal, India and ends with her granddaughter in Texas.

The main theme of the story is mother-daughter relationships, but there are many others addressed as well. So many in fact, I thought the story got sidetracked too often by relationship issues in general and the main theme became obscured.  The female characters are well-defined as are most of the male characters. The beginning of the book held my interest, but little by little the story jumped from one person to another and between different time periods in such a way that for me, the continuity was lost.

It is a good story which I took to be more about the importance of women and education than familial female relationships. It did make me curious to try Indian desserts. It has its good moments and overall, I liked it.

As a sidenote I wish to mention two things.

Weird coincidence: One of the characters in the book happened to have a birthdate which coincides with the day my parents were married. October 7, 1950


I am developing a new pet peeve. Has anyone else noticed how many authors have their characters biting the insides of their mouths and digging their nails into their hands until they bleed?  I think it is time to declare a moratorium on these phrases. There must be better words to portray anxiety and fear.

Thanks for listening!

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