The Horror

61pgifwoszl._sy400_.jpgHeart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is one more of the Top 150 novels I can cross off my list.  It is an eerie, dark story told in the first-person by Marlow, a boat captain, who is sent into the dark recesses of Africa to rescue a man named Mr. Kurtz who has been living in the Belgian Congo for many years.

This is Marlow’s maiden voyage into Africa and the author’s vivid description of the unsettled wilderness and its inhabitants are such that I felt my skin crawl. The story is a social commentary which questions the motives behind colonization and the effects on the people on both sides of the fence.

Although I appreciated the quality of the writing, and the author’s message, I did not enjoy the novel. It was no Tarzan story! Nothing in it is lighthearted, but what about one country stealing the riches of another ever is? I wish the main character had not been named Marlow because I kept thinking of the famous detective while reading the story and nothing could be more incongruous. I suggest reading the book if the subject is one which interests you.

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