81ojszfhiil._sl1500_.jpgNormally I save my recommendations on children’s books for the holidays, but two books by Ann Rubino recently came to my attention which I believe are wonderful and I wanted to share them with Bookwinked followers now.

Peppino, Good as Bread is based on the experiences of Rubino’s husband and tell of his experiences living in Italy with his mother during World War II. In Peppino and the Streets of Gold, Rubino continues the story sharing the experiences of Peppino and his mother after they leave war-torn Italy to reunite with his father who has been living and working in Chicago. There, they discover life in the U.S. is not what they imagined it would be. They are still poor and the Fascists and Nazis have 51wj0wjmxml._sy400_.jpgAmerican counterparts known as the Mob who act in ways which instill fear among innocent people who desire a peaceful existence.

I was impressed and moved by these books because they are well-written, contain important historical information, and are captivating. I plan to share them with my family and friends knowing they and their children will enjoy them. I know I did!

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