25761758.jpgMoonlight over Paris by Jennifer Robson is a novel which I found disappointing. It is a novel set in England and Paris just after World War One.

Lady Helena Montagu-Douglas-Parr finds herself at loose ends when her fiance calls off their engagement after he returns from the war. Feeling directionless, Helena decides to live with her aunt in France. Vastly different in nature and lifestyle, her aunt provides Helena with a new perspective on life.

Helena studies art, doubts her ability, and distrusts the American newspaperman who finds her interesting.

The book is the basic plot of girl meets boy, girl loses boy, girl gets boy in the end. Unfortunately, I failed to become engaged in any of the characters on any level. I was hopeful when the Fitzgerald’s suddenly popped into the storyline, but that never went anywhere. Neither did other famous people who seemed to be interjected as window dressing. Reading this book, I kept hoping it would get better, but for me, it never did. A pity.

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