08louisa-cover-articleinline.jpgLouisa: The Extraordinary Life of Mrs. Adams by Louisa Thomas is a fascinating history about John Quincy Adams wife. I applaud the author for her diligent, insightful research into the life of a truly extraordinary woman who by this account, had little conception of her role in the history of our country. Having read biographies about John and Abigail by other authors, this book was of great interest to me. I did not know very much about their son and his life.  I gained a great deal of knowledge by reading this book.

Even though this book is about Louisa, it is also about her husband John Quincy and their children because volumes of their letters and books survived providing intimate insights into their lives.

This is so much more than a story about a former First Lady and her husband, it is the history of our nation in the years after its founding and prior to the Civil War.

Because John Quincy and Louisa represented a new nation in European countries during the time of Napoleon, we also gain insight into world history during that era.

Louisa Adams outlived her husband and all but one of her four children. Her father was an American and her mother English which made her an unlikely partner for the son of John and Abigail Adams.

I believe Louisa Adams was a woman who lacked a sense of self-worth even though her contributions were many and her sacrifices great.

This book is so well-written that I will remember what I learned from it for a long time to come. Please, if you are interested in history, read this book. It is outstanding!

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