Forgiveness and Love

isbn0446531030.jpgThe Miracles of Santo Fico by D.L. Smith is a novel about a remote Tuscan village inhabited by a collection of apathetic people whose lives and hearts are stagnant until the unexpected return of a former resident named Leo Pizzola.

Little in the tiny town has changed since Leo left. After living in Chicago for a number of years, he journeys home with the intention of selling his ancestral farm only to use the proceeds to leave again for good. Despite his desire to avoid his past, his arrival is met with antagonism by an old flame and elation by an old friend. Unable to shake loose of these ties, he becomes embroiled in old get rich quick schemes involving unsuspecting villagers and tourists — one of whom is the elderly pastor of the church which contains a miraculous fresco and withered fig tree rumored to have been visited by St Francis of Assisi.

I found the message of this novel beautiful, inspiring, and healing. It renewed my faith in the miraculous and reminded me that even the most mundane occurrences become miracles when perceived with gratitude and love.

About dianeledet

Professional Writing Consultant, Graduate of DePaul University School for New Learning 2008
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