51sbumh1y4l._sy400_.jpgWhy We Came to the City by Kristopher Jansma is an interesting new novel about a group of college chums residing in New York City. These twenty-somethings are a diverse group with the collective dream of making it on their own in the big city. This is a coming of age story filled with laughter and tears. There are as many story lines as characters, but I found each believable and engrossing.

Jansma is a talented writer with the ability to write profound truths about human nature. Reading this book transported me back to my youthful days in the city of Chicago many years ago when I believed the world was my oyster and the pulse of the city beat in my veins. Excellent book!

About dianeledet

Professional Writing Consultant, Graduate of DePaul University School for New Learning 2008
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