Oh Nicky

51qnfuib5rl._sy400_.jpgFor years, I have been a fan of The Thin Man movies which led me to the decision to read the original Thin Man book by Dashiell Hammett. As many of my readers know, I enjoy reading books which were eventually made into movies. In this instance, I was amazed at how vastly different the book was from the movie. Whoever adapted this novel for the film, I had a hard time believing it was the same story because so much of it was changed.

The main characters, Nick and Nora Charles, are younger in the book than portrayed in the film. Nick is very clever, funny, and quick-witted. I think Nora’s character was enlarged for the movie. In the book, their dog Asta is a female and her role is diminished in the book. The plot is much more involved in the novel and I wish more of the original story would have made it to the screen adaptation.

Still in all, I enjoyed the book. Hammett’s style is delightful and descriptive. His characters are just that – characters in every sense of the word! I had fun reading this book and believe you will too!

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  1. alison41 says:

    As a rule the movie is never as good as the book – possible exceptions are those stories that require a big, wide screen to do them justice. Now of course, I can’t think of any examples! but I’m sure you know what I mean.

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