Hard Knocks

9780812996722_custom-65eaf8f14b02c3425f43fe675a775b43893a4610-s300-c85.jpgThirteen Ways of Looking is a new short story collection by Colum McCann. Oh how I love the way this author has of expressing his thoughts on life.

The first story in the book it’s about a retired Jewish judge in his early eighties who is grappling with physical limitations brought on by age, the loneliness he feels for his deceased wife, and two grown children with whom he shares little connection. McCann writes about the last day of the judge’s life.

The second story is about a female marine in Afghanistan alone just prior to midnight on New Years Eve and her inner thoughts.

The third story is about a divorced mother raising her deaf, adopted son along the coast of Ireland. She wakes on Christmas morning to find her son and the wetsuit she gave him as a present missing.

The final story in the novella centers on an elderly nun who recognizes a face on the television screen. It is the face of a man who kidnapped and brutalized her many years prior. He is now acting as an agent of peace at a conference in London.

All of the stories are powerfully told and made me think and feel deeply emotional. McCann’s work never ceases to amaze me. Excellent!

Please visit the author’s website to read about a personal incident during which he went to the aid of a woman under attack and became a victim himself. colummccann.com

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  1. shazzameena says:

    I enjoyed this book, also.

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