Secret Regrets

Hemingway in Love: His Own Story 41zwpzmu0ll._sl1500_.jpgby A.E. Hotchner is a revealing story told by one of Hemingway’s close friends. According to the author, out of respect for Hemingway’s last wife Mary and others who were still living, he delayed making these memories public until now.

Based on intimate conversations with Hemingway over the course of many years, this book allows the reader inside Hemingway’s emotional life. Having read many of Hemingway’s books, I am aware that much of what he wrote was based on his own life experiences and the people with whom he interacted. One of the things I liked about this book is that it more clearly defined Hemingway’s reality which led to the fiction.

It seems to me that Hotchner was perhaps one of the few people Hemingway trusted deeply enough to confess his innermost thoughts and feelings to near the end of Hemingway’s life. Having read A Moveable Feast last year, it was clear to me how deeply Hemingway loved his first wife Hadley. This book reinforces that thought. There are additional revelations, but I think it would be wrong to share them here if any of my readers intended to read this book. There are some pretty surprising facts involving the FBI and Hemingway which are well worth discovering by reading the book.

Hotchner has done a fine job relaying his knowledge and personal insights into one of my favorite authors. I am grateful he did and recommend this book.

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