Just Breathe

Otto and Etta and Russell and 51gihtphdxl._sl1500_.jpgJames by Emma Hooper is an intriguing story about life and love. I picked this one off the library shelf, read the cover, and thought it sounded interesting. It was!

The story centers on an 83-year-old Canadian woman named Etta who writes a note to her husband Otto one day informing him that she has never seen the ocean and that she is going there. She left him the truck, has taken the rifle, and began her long journey on foot in the wee hours of a summer morning. Otto chooses not to follow her. He loves her and respects her wishes.

Along the way to the ocean, a coyote named James befriends Etta and becomes her traveling companion. James can speak! Well, maybe only Etta can hear him. Etta is discombobulated at times so it is debatable. She is able to “hear” the voices of nature.

As Etta walks, she remembers her life and the lives of those with whom she has crossed paths. We also learn about her husband’s history and their friend Russell’s as well. These are small town farmers who lived through the depression and World War II.

There is so much more I could say about this book! I will keep it to myself with hopes that you will read it. I audibly sighed when it came to an end; it was that good. Had I read it sooner, I would have included it in my 2015 Top Ten List. I think this book is excellent.

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