Wars of the Roses: Margaret of wpid-9781490684000.jpgAnjou by Conn Iggulden is historical fiction based on the life of King Henry VI and his french-born Queen, Margaret.

This is a bloody tale of the period when Henry VI was mentally impaired and wars were waged between several Earls and their armies for control of England and personal gain.

Prior to listening to this epic tale, I knew very little about Henry VI. It is an interesting story and the author’s prose are very descriptive. A bit too much for me personally, but wars are bloody, violent, and  never pretty. There are aspects of life which never change. As the story unfolded, I was reminded of the House of Cards series. Intrigue, power plays, and back-stabbings (literally) abound in stories which involve power struggles. History repeats itself over and over again; only the players change.

There are additional books in this series which cover different monarchs. I would like to read them sometime because I love history.  My only disappointment with this book was I never heard any conjecture of what was physically wrong with King Henry VI. Perhaps no one knows because he lived so long ago.  Either way, I think this history was very well-written.

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