Nowhere to Hide

Saving Grace by Anthony Doerr was wpid-517hig6ftql._sy400_.jpg
published in 2009. After loving his award-winning novel earlier this year, I wanted to read more of his work. I didn’t expect this story to be anything like All the Light We Cannot See, but in some ways it was. This is a story of redemption.

The main character in this novel, David Winkler, is a man reviewing his life while on a plane to the USA from a Caribbean island where he has lived for several decades. Mr Winkler is a man with prophetic dreams; dreams which foretell death. It is a dream about his infant daughter Grace which pushes him over the edge and away from the family he loves.

The story is a real nail biter. Doerr takes his readers on a very long, complex journey. It isn’t until the very end of the novel that Winkler resolves the life altering conflict instigated by his reaction to a prophetic dream.

I thought the story was interesting, but much of it caused me to lose interest along the way. I thought there was way too much in the story about insects and snow. The ongoing storyline of etymology made my skin crawl and even though Alaska and snow figure prominently in the story, it left me cold. I’m sure these are literary devices, but thought there was just too much of it. Doerr’s writing is very descriptive and I admired this aspect of the novel.

If meteorology, etymology, and what defines a family is of interest to you, I imagine you would like this book.

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4 Responses to Nowhere to Hide

  1. Sheila says:

    I loved All the Light We Cannot See so I’ll have to give this one a try – thank you!

  2. dianeledet says:

    I loved that book as well. Please share your thoughts on this book after you read it!

  3. alison41 says:

    I’m so glad I read your review, otherwise would have gone to great lengths to read the book. I too loved “All the Light” but this one? not for me.

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