Written in 1940, One Foot in Heaven, is an inspirational biography authored by Hartzell Spence in tribute to his father, Dr. William Spence. Dr. Spence was a Methodist minister during the early 20th century. Many of you may have seen the movie by the same name starring Frederick March, which in my opinion, ranks a close second to the novel.

A son’s love and respect for his father is apparent in the text, but more so his father’s love of God, the many congregations he led, and his family. This book was generously loaned to me by the Wheaton Library and I am grateful as copies of the book are difficult to acquire due to its age.

This is an especially beautiful story to read during the holidays when our thoughts turn to those we love, the spirit of giving, and the birth of Our Lord.

Much like the star of Bethlehem, Dr. Spence devoted his life to guiding others to God and lived what he taught. No matter what your faith, there is much to be learned from Dr. Spence’s example. I highly recommend this book.

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