Continental Correspondence

84 charing cross road helene hanff uk book jacket84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff inspired a wonderful movie I watched on TCM not long ago staring Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft. The story so moved me that I decided to find a copy of the book to read.

This is a humorous and often touching collection of letters between Helene Hanff, a New York writer, and Frank Doel, a book seller in Great Britain, over the course of twenty years. The book was published in 1970, but the sentiment is just as fresh as ever. There are many references to books long forgotten which Helene was requesting from the bookstore overseas. Reading the letters between these friends reminded me of a ten plus year email friendship I have with Sharlene, a former online classmate in Sweden. What a gift that relationship has been in my life.

I trust many of my followers have similar relationships and am grateful to be able to share this review with you! It is a lovely little book. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to Continental Correspondence

  1. katstev says:

    I actually checked this book out from my local library last week. Thanks for the review. I will have to look for the movie. Never knew there was one.

  2. dianeledet says:

    I credit TCM movie channel for turning me on to this story. So many of my finds in great books have originated there! What led you to this book? I hope you will see the movie after reading it. They are both wonderful!

  3. Barb Dietrich says:

    One of my favorite books ever! I saw the movie first also, came in at the middle and was hooked as soon as I heard the first letter that Helene was sending off. When I went to London for the first time last year I had to go find the spot of the store even though I knew it was gone. There is a plaque and it was the first picture I took of the trip. Museums and bookstores, the best part of the trip!
    When my husband and I go back in March for his Pub Crawl with College friends I will be searching the used shops.

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