Silent Sorrow

kellerI conclude my 2013 reading with Helen in Love by Rosie Sultan.  The historical fiction novel is a sad one based on a romantic interlude in the life of Helen Keller, the famous blind, mute, deaf woman known worldwide.

I learned more about Helen and her life from reading this book.   Even though the story is based in truth, it did not sit well with me.  Helen did have a relationship with Peter Fagan.  That much is known.  Imagined conversations and a physical relationship he may or may not have had with Helen seemed questionable, but that is why this is historical fiction!  I am happy to know Helen was loved by a man during her life.  She gave so much to so many.  It’s good to know she was on the receiving end if only for a brief space in time.


On a personal note, I thank you for following Bookwinked.

 I appreciate your feedback and encouragement.

 I wish you all a happy, healthy New Year 2014!

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