Feels Like Home

Peter Orner has done it again.  I just read his latest collection of short stories ornerentitled Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge and loved it! His previous book Love and Shame and Love, is one of my favorites. This book helped resurrect a number of my personal, dusty memories of growing-up on the Windy City’s north side.

Quite a few of the stories take place in and around Chicago, the hometown Peter and I shared in our youth.  Because of this connection, I clearly relate to much of what he writes. Orner’s non-Chicago based stories are beautifully executed and easy to relate to and learn from as well.  I am once again filled with awe by his incredible writing skill.

If you are in Chicago on September 9th, 2013, I hope you will take the opportunity to meet the author in person.  If not, enjoy his exceptional talent by reading his work.

About dianeledet

Professional Writing Consultant, Graduate of DePaul University School for New Learning 2008
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1 Response to Feels Like Home

  1. Peter Orner says:

    Dear Diane,
    Many thanks for the generous words, I’m honored to be in such good company and Bookwinked is a terrific site.
    All the best,
    Peter Orner

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