It Can’t Be Bought or Sold

The Girl You Left Behind is the second novel I’ve read by JoJo Moyes.  I am happy to Imagereport I enjoyed this book just as much as I did the first (Me Before You).  I like the way Moyes tells a good story!

The story opens on an inn in a small town in France which is occupied by the Germans during World War I where two sisters, whose husbands are away fighting, are forced to cook for and wait on their captors.  One of the absent husbands is an artist and the story revolves around the painting of his wife which hangs in the inn.  The German Kommandant has an eye for the painting and its subject.

Th story then shifts to present day and the current owner of the same painting who is being challenged in court in England by relatives of the original artist who claim the painting was stolen by the Germans.

Reading this story struck a deep chord within me.  As I read it, I thought often of my daughter who is an artist and the painting I treasure of hers on my living room wall.  The novel made me wonder where the painting will be in 100 years.  What stories, lives, and loves will the painting have witnessed during those years?

This novel moved me and I am ever so glad to have read it.  I loved the ending!

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5 Responses to It Can’t Be Bought or Sold

  1. I just finished reading Me Before You, I was shocked by how much that book moved me. Jojo Moyes is definitely a talented writer!
    Great review! Will definitely be putting this one on my wishlist.

  2. dianeledet says:

    I agree! I’m enjoying her work! Welcome!

  3. I just finished Me Before You last week and was wondering which of Jojo Moyes’ books to tackle next! Guess it’s going to be The Girl You Left Behind!

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