City of Enlightenment

parisThe Greater Journey: Americans in Paris by David McCullough is a historical masterpiece.  High on my list of favorite authors, McCullough’s ability to research and convey history in powerful prose never ceases to amaze me.

The novel chronicles the lives and accomplishments of many Americans who journeyed across the Atlantic to Paris in search of culture and knowledge.  Covering the sojourns of well-known artists, statesmen, authors, musicians, physicians and inventors, the reader is invited into their daily lives via their journals and other written records about their time in Paris during the 19th century.

I found this novel fascinating and enlightening.  C’est très magnifique!

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4 Responses to City of Enlightenment

  1. yes yes! awesome, and I actually listened to it, the audio read by the author, was superb. He is also one of my favorite authors

  2. dianeledet says:

    I listened and read this book because it was so heavy! LOL… I love what you are doing on your blog with books about France! Great reading! I appreciate your thoughts on this book and author : )

  3. Barbara Dietrich says:

    I adore Mr McCullough, but reading him is new for me, he has been in reserve for years but I am now hooked. I am also listening to this but by Edward Hermann and he is simply awesome! He also read the Johnstown Flood book which I took a 6 hour road trip just to spend time listening! I am loving this book as well and ready to purchase a plane ticket.

    • dianeledet says:

      McCullough is one of my favorite historians. I love his work! He makes history come alive. I have read several of his books and loved every one! His book about John Adams is amazing. And Paris? Who has never dreamed of traversing its boulevards? Bon voyage!

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