Plotting Revenge

The Burning Air by Erin Kelly took my breath away! This is a book full of twists andburn turns which took me completely by surprise!  This thriller is about an adolescent boy who lives alone with his agoraphobic/anorexic mother in suburban England.  The mother’s sole goal in life is to see her son admitted to a prestigious school. When her plans go awry, her son takes matters into his own hands.

I have one minor criticism of this gripping novel.  I was a good way into the book before I realized the main character, Darcy, was a male.  The author mentioned at one point in the story that the child and mother were able to wear each other’s clothes, so I assumed the child was a female.  Was I surprised to discover that Darcy was a boy!  I’ve never had this happen before and it threw me for a loop.  After adjusting my perception of the main character, I could not put the book down until I finished it.

I don’t want to give too much of the plot away because I really think it will ruin the many surprises for my readers.  Let it suffice to say, this is a really good thriller about family secrets, the lengths people will go to protect their loved ones, and twisted minds unable to perceive the difference between reality and fiction.

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4 Responses to Plotting Revenge

  1. Harvee says:

    I loved this book too. and I had the same problem, ha, ha. I thought Darcy was a female all along till later in the book. Right at the point when he revealed his new name, after his makeover….I thought, What! A change of sex? The laugh was on me. Terrific novel.

  2. dianeledet says:

    Ha ha….that is what I thought as well! A sex change! Glad I’m not alone. I appreciate your note!!! I agree, it is a good book.

  3. cathiebp2 says:

    Thanks for the intro to read this book! I enjoyed this psychological thriller. I hadn’t read too much into what the story. I hadn’t realized it was about child abduction! But I must’ve somehow forgot about the confusion about Darcy as I too was under the impression in the first half of the book Darcy was a daughter. Then came “call me _____”. From there I kept on going.

    I will defintely have to read her other novels, I am impressed!

  4. dianeledetd says:

    So glad you enjoyed the book Cathie! It is not something I’d ordinarily read, but I’m glad I did! Thank you for following my blog!

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