Your Loving Mary

When I heard that Mary Soames had written a memoir about her early life, I couldn’t wait to read it.  A Daughter’s Tale, The Memoir of Winston Churchill’s Youngest Child is a fascinating book which invites the reader inside the personal life of one of the most influential men in history.  I’ve long admired and been fascinated by Winston Churchill, and Mary’s memoir is a veritable Who’s Who of the WWII era.

Mary’s personal diary and saved correspondence during the war years provided intimate details of life behind the walls of 10 Downing Street where monumental decisions were made which changed the course of history.  The family’s dinner companions included the most influential people of the times.  I can’t imagine sitting beside FDR breaking bread as Mary did.   As an aid to her father, she traveled worn torn Europe, witnessing many historic events during and after the war.

I greatly admire the fact that Mary, who was accustomed to designer dresses from Paris, nannies, servants, and Victorian jewels, served her country during the war as a gunner in the women’s auxiliary.  Considering who her father was, it says a great deal about the family’s commitment to their country and the lives of service they led.  Much of the memoir illustrates how deeply Winston Churchill felt for the many people adversely affected by the war.

Mary spoke fluent French and I enjoyed dusting off my trusty French dictionary to translate the many French quips in the book.  Mary’s vivid descriptions of the English countryside, Churchill residences, and army encampments were beautifully written.

I come away from this book with a sense of awe and gratitude not only to the Churchill family, but to all those who made countless heroic contributions to the world in a time of great need.  At the worst of times, God gave us the best of men and women to see us through very dark days.

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4 Responses to Your Loving Mary

  1. letizia says:

    I love the photo on the book cover as well!

  2. Barb Dietrich says:

    Thank You for this wonderful review! Loved the book. It took me quite a while to finish as I was always scowering (sp?) my military historian husband’s shelves for reference material to further the story. I had to research Pamela Harriman also. I remember the “scandals” she caused marrying Mr H. when I was a New York teenager”.

    It now seems that I see a quote or a picture of WSC everywhere I turn around, I got one today in a Facebook quote, color and fabulous by the way! I remember my Aunt and Uncle got married on the day he died, it was quite a sobering ceremony for New York, but we never forgot their anniversary.

    We travel to London in March and my husband has been to WSC’s War Room on both of his visits with college friends, I told him that I wanted to go this visit!

    Thank You again.

    • dianeledet says:

      I truly enjoyed your comment and wish that someday I will be able to visit WWII historic places in Europe.

      This book was enlightening and I am grateful you took the time to add more to the story!

      Have a wonderful trip next spring! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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