The Garden is a Mirror of the Heart

I gratefully thank fellow blogger “The Persnickety Reader” for guiding me to a wonderful old novel entitled Old Herbaceous: a novel of the garden by Reginald Arkell.  I loved this short book about a retired gardener in England.

Perhaps I loved the book because I enjoy gardening.  Over the weekend I planted flowers and potted vegetable plants in our backyard.  For me, summer is incomplete without the opportunity to feel the earth beneath my fingers.

This story takes place in the early to mid 1900’s and the author has done a capital job of capturing the changing times and painting pictures of glorious English gardens for the reader.  This is a quick read and a lovely story all the way around.

Thank you Persnickety!

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5 Responses to The Garden is a Mirror of the Heart

  1. Margie says:

    So. I clicked on the link. I scrolled down past Old Herbaceous and saw the photos from The Wild Braid, the poetry book that followed. Beautiful and Inspiring! Lately I’be been a bit melancholy in the garden…. my back stiff, knees creaky. I dread the day I look out the window at an empty, neglected garden and see not only the over-grown barren-ness, but also a reminder of my frailty. How much longer can I do this? Feeling I was just a few seasons away, those photos were just what I needed.

  2. dianeledet says:

    Margie, you will love this book! I am creaking too and need a cushioned knee pad, but gardening gives me life!

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  5. kathleenvincenz says:

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